Cedar is a native tree to British Columbia. What makes Cedar great for roofing is that it possess a high insulation value and is resistant to rot and decay. Cedar is durable and aesthetically appealing.

Over time, as Cedar is exposed to the elements, it will start to turn a silver-gray color, which not only becomes an attractive feature, but also aids your house in keeping cool in summer and warm in winter.

Cedar is a naturally renewable resource, in today’s day and age, it gives an even bigger edge over some other less eco-friendly roofing options, resulting in a reduction of your home’s carbon footprint. We all have a stake in protecting our environment, using Cedar roofing products supports our overall commitment to environmental sustainability.

Cedar Roofing comes with a 25 year warranty against all rot, the manufacturer will replace all the material free of charge during the warranty period.


We are pleased to supply WinterGuard™ Waterproofing Shingle Underlayment Protection for vulnerable areas and designed to prevent leaks from wind-driven rain and ice dams. WinterGuard is especially effective on low slopes, flashing areas and in valleys. WinterGuard is required as a valley liner in closed valleys and also recommended for open valleys. Learn more http://www.certainteed.com/resources/IRS.pdf

Ensure your new roof performs properly by including effective attic ventilation. The first stage in effective ventilation is getting the hot air out. That's the main function of exhaust vents. After the hot air leaves or diminishes, the cool air moves in to create balance through intake vents. Learn more http://www.airvent.com/homeowner/products/products.shtml

Our flashing is minimum 26 gauge metal