Emergency Repairs

When a storm hits, you might need urgent help with your roof. Hail can cause serious damage to roofs, gutters and siding, heavy winds can loosen or rip shingles from your roof. Fallen trees and branches can cause serious structural damage. As one of the local storm damage experts, Pacific Shores Roofing is ready with ladders and tarps to get your roof covered. We do a thorough inspection of your roof to determine if any damage has occurred – Remember damage to your roof cannot always be seen from the ground. You can call us 24/7 for emergency roof repair services.


leaking roofs, gutters, skylights etc...

Regardless of where the leak is coming from, we can track it down and stop it. Leaks can form after a storm or particularly bad winter. Issues can also arise from lack of maintenance. If you notice a leak anywhere, call us right away to avoid further damage.

repairs to flashing

Flashing can get rusty, and the sealants on them can wear out.  With proper maintenance you can extend the life by applying rust inhibiting paint and new sealants.   When windstorms and ice breakdown or damage the metal flashing water can get into your building.  Give us a call if you notice any loose or missing metal flashing. 



missing and loose shingles or tiles

Wind, rusted fasteners and age of shingles can all cause the shingles or tiles to slide or blow off the roof.  If this does happen, we can repair either with tarps for the short term or installation of new shingles for a longer term fix.  Keep an eye out for shingles on your garden or driveway, or patches of shingles missing from your roof.

24/7 repairs

At Pacific Shores Roofing we understand that emergencies happen, and when it’s your roof is leaking there’s no bigger emergency! We will answer your call, no matter what time. We will provide you with the fastest service possible. We will be on site as soon as possible to identify the problem and get it fixed fast!